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Driving innovative solutions in support of US strategic advantage.

ValencePoint (VP) serves as a strategic consulting partner for impact-driven clients.


Our team has a proven track record of solving complex national security problems, allowing our consultants to deliver high-impact solutions to mission critical customers.

Interested in joining our cause?

We put our people first, so that they can put the mission first. Review our careers page to learn more about a career at VP.

va·lence nou

a relative capacity to unite, react, or interactChemistry: Valence is the ability of an atom to be combined with another atom.

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Private Sector
Federal Government
VP believes the future of national security is dependent on uniting cutting-edge capabilities with mission needs.

Our mission is to drive innovation at their point of intersection in order to solve the nation's most challenging problem sets. 


VP harnesses a range of commercial and US Government best practices to provide consulting services that can serve either side of the Public-Private spectrum. Our team facilitates emerging technology adoption and mission delivery between all stakeholders in the defense innovation ecosystem. 

Mission Management

Utilizing project management and business frameworks to increase efficiencies and outcomes in Defense Programs.

Frontier Technology

Advising government and commercial technology organizations on adoption and integration. 

Program Communication

Strategic communication 

services for key programs to analyze impact and prove return on investment.

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We're looking for innovators, mission managers, and commercial consulting specialists that are passionate about making a difference. If you're interested in a role with us or want to learn more, please tell us about yourself in the form below and we'll be in contact. 

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